Kaizen league events Code of Conduct 


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Code of Conduct 

We strive to bring you the best experience you can have in a Grappling tournament, for that we need your support. You the fighter have an important role to play in this and here are a set of principles we ourselves strive to adhere to and hope that you will as well. 

    1. We strive to promote the art of brazilian jiu jitsu throughout europe and we happily give our time and our effort to shine a positive light on the art and we ask you to place your support in this as well by following these codes and inspire others to do the same by setting a high standard of conduct. 
    2. We should keep our emotions in check at all times forgoing any excessive emotional outburst that are not conducive to proper behaviour and might generate embarrassing and confrontational situations. 
    3. You should show the proper respect to officials in office at all times during the tournament, addressing them respectfully, listening to their commands and accepting decisions gracefully refraining from disrespectful behaviour. ( if at any point you disagree with the decision of the referee you can ask for a revision of your fight with the head referee at the end of your match )  
    4. You should at all times display good sportsmanship, greet the officials when entering the mats, bow before entering the mat and be courteous in defeat or victory, always thanking and congratulating your opponent and their coach. Do not gloat or make fun of your opponent during your match and outside of the mat. 
    5. Your Gi or Nogi attire should be impeccable. Clean and the right fit for you. Women should wear a rashguard underneath the GI at all times covering all of their chest. Also all athletes should wear shorts or spats that aren't see-through. 
    6. You should be clean before your match with your nails cut short, hair tied up, without any makeup, without piercings, without strong odours and any cuts should be appropriately covered. 
    7. You are not allowed barefoot outside the mats. Coincidentally you are not allowed on the mats with any footwear. 
    8. Be on time. 
    9. We have created this event with the fullness of our Hearts so that you can fight with all of yours.

Kaizen League Code of Conduct 


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