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Talent at Kaizen League Open

On February 24, the Kaizen League Open will take place, featuring live action. But what should you be looking out for? Which athletes can provide excitement and have a shot at gold or even a Samurai mask?

While not everyone has registered yet, there are already several names worth keeping an eye on!

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In the category starting from the blue belt

In the blue belt category:

  • Nick Schatz from Germany and Andreas De Cauwer from Belgium, both aiming for victory and promising to bring excitement. Also, young talent like Jonah Oldenhave should not be overlooked.

On the purple belt level, the action heats up:

  • Adrian Tiktov from Belgium, winner of the superfight at Kaizen League, known for his dangerous leglocks.
  • Pedro Fialho from Portugal, also a superfight winner at Kaizen League.
  • Dennis Verpoorte from the Netherlands, with experience in multiple BJJ events.
  • Additionally, there's a super clash in the under 82 kg category between the best fighters from the Netherlands and Belgium. All four men have often won prizes in tournaments, so we expect fireworks and a lot of technique.

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In the heavyweight division, there are also names you can't miss:

  • The heavyweight division is home to some names that absolutely cannot be missed. In the Netherlands, we have Erik Tollenaar, a driven fighter who has claimed the third spot in Europe and has also won a Kaizen League superfight. With his impressive performances, he is a formidable opponent to be reckoned with. Carlo Vrolijken from the Netherlands also deserves attention. He is not only a top performer in judo, but also excels in MMA and BJJ. A true athlete who continues to surprise his opponents time and time again. From Germany, we have Phillip Moje, a talented purple belt who is making a name for himself. He is determined to make his mark on the tournament and will undoubtedly provide exciting fights. With so much talent in the ranks, the Kaizen League Open promises to be a true spectacle. But that's not all. The absolute categories offer a unique opportunity for athletes to earn a prize like no other: a Samurai mask, something that has never been seen before in the BJJ world. As the icing on the cake, scouts will be present to distribute tickets for the prestigious Kaizen League Invitationals. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media or come watch live at the Landstede Sporthal in Zwolle, because this is an event you don't want to miss!

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