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From the Mat to the World: Kaizen League's Mission for Change

Kaizen League, one of the fastest-growing organizations in the Benelux for grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), works hard not only to organize events and shows but also to improve BJJ/grappling. They aim to pay athletes better and organize good tournaments that appreciate and support athletes, recreational participants, and supporters, instead of just thinking about making money.

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The Braus Foundation

To strengthen this mission, Kaizen League has formed a partnership with the Braus Foundation. This collaboration aims to increase the quality of tournaments and events in the Netherlands while also contributing to social and ecological projects worldwide. Kaizen League recognizes the opportunities the Netherlands offers for such initiatives but also realizes that in other parts of the world, basic amenities like clean drinking water are often lacking.

The Braus Foundation, active on several continents from Nepal and Pakistan to Australia and Brazil, has been committed to providing clean water in villages by building water wells and offering free sports programs to keep young people off the streets. Their transparency about how donations are spent made a partnership with Kaizen League quickly seem natural, with the goal of making a positive impact not only in the sports world but also beyond.

Braus Foundation

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Collaboration Braus Foundation and Kaizen League overview

Partnership Overview:

Effective immediately, €3.50 from every registration will be donated to the Braus Foundation, specifically for constructing water wells.
During the event on October 5, 50% of proceeds from VIP table sales will be donated to the foundation. Table reservations start at €150.
Each sponsorship package now includes a portion directly benefiting the Braus Foundation, with details specified per package.
The October 5 show will highlight not only top-tier grappling but also the Braus Foundation and its mission.
For more information about the Braus Foundation and its initiatives, visit https://brausfoundation.com/.

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